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Sector: Healthcare

Ownership Control | Realised 

2015 Sales | EBITDA : €417m | €80m

Rodenstock is Germany's leading manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and fourth largest supplier globally.

Rodenstock also has an eyewear division selling its own and third party branded optical frames.

Press Release - Sale to Apax Funds

Company Website

Infinitas Learning - Compass Partners

Sector: Media

Ownership Control | Realised

2015 Sales | EBITDA : €217m | €82m

Infinitas is a leading pure play education content, technology and service provider in Europe.

Infinitas is a market leader across Primary, Secondary, Higher and Vocational Education in Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium

Press Release - Sale to NPM Capital

Company Website

CTL Logistics - Compass Partners

Sector: Transport

Ownership Control | Active

2015 Sales | EBITDA : €156m | €24m

CTL is the 4th largest rail freight operator in the country.

CTL offers rail freight services in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic as well as comprehensive sidings and land reclamation

Company website


Sector: Business Services

Ownership Control | Active

Protocol is a leading recruitment agency focussing on skills, education and training, based in Nottingham, England

Its clients include further education colleges, universities, schools, local authorities and independent training providers across the UK

Company website

Limoni -Compass Partners
Limoni -Compass Partners

Sector: Consumer

Ownership Non-Core | Realised

2015 Sales | EBITDA : €222m | €11m

Limoni is a leading perfumery chain in Italy with over 300 retail locations.

Effective 15 November 2017, Douglas GmBH, a leading retailer in the European beauty sector, acquired Limoni

Press Release - sale to Douglas GmbH 

Company website

Aquam - Compass Partners

Sector: Industrial Services

Ownership Non-Core | Active

Aquam Corp is a global clean-tech firm that provides infrastructure support, rehabilitation and diagnostics solutions for water and gas infrastructure

Company website

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